Our Story

Diffion is an idea. It is an idea of a start-up where different opinions exist, thrives and flourishes. It is an idea of a startup which yearns for a multicultural environment. It is a start-up where you see can harmony of mathematical logic with unbound creativity. It is a start-up which really believes in power of technology to solve human problems. We are travellers, we are wanderers, we are innovators. We are not afraid to stand alone. We are not afraid to fall or fail.

We believe some challenging problems and hot, black coffee is the best thing that you can have in a day only matched by a pristine beach and scuba diving.

When you visit us, you enter a world of possibility filled with fresh air. The air is not fresh because we have the best air conditioners (which sadly we don't), it is fresh due to the bountiful energy of the team working on innovative ideas, ground breaking solutions affecting millions or may be just for fun.

Did we tell you we have a super talented team? We know it is a brag, but we are honest folks you see ;)

Our Work

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

A machine that understands and responds to human needs is what we awaiting with abated breath. We @Diffion are working hard, real hard to fructify this idea. We are working in an interdisciplinary field dealing with the statistical and/or rule based modelling of indigenous Indian natural languages from a computational perspective. We are heavily and efficiently using machine learning for this purpose. Off course we model in English as well.

We are equally excited about computational linguistics programs geared towards semantics as well as pragmatics. We have very little precedence in computational pragmatics in indigenous Indian language giving us both an opportunity as well a challenge to build something where we produce worthy of remembrance.

Our first commercial product launch would be in psycho-linguistics areas.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We all like a social world don't we? To connect, to share, to learn. Why else would Facebook have such valuation?

Now imagine a world where we teach machines to connect, to share and to learn in an intelligent manner, in order to make our lives easier. Oh please don't worry about machines taking over the planet.

We are working on internet of things where we are working on devices which get connected to each other or application, they share huge amount of information and our software programs are using some very interesting machine learning based models to continuously improve that system. So the more you use them, the more efficient they become.

Contact Us

You can reach us any time

Diffion Consulting LLP

Odisha, India

We are open monday through friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and saturdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm we'll be glad to have you here.